May 2019 Fiction & Entertainment Lead Titles

The Road to Nowhere

The Book of Flora Meg Elison

The Road to Nowhere

The Book of Flora
Meg Elison

Paperback | Apr 2019 | 47 North | 9781542042093 | GEN | AUD$22.99, NZD$27.99

In the wake of the apocalypse, Flora has come of age in a highly gendered post-plague society where females have become a precious, coveted, hunted, and endangered commodity. But Flora does not participate in the economy that trades in bodies. An anathema in a world that prizes procreation above all else, she is an outsider everywhere she goes, including the thriving all-female city of Shy. 

Now navigating a blighted landscape, Flora, her friends, and a sullen young slave she adopts as her own child leave their oppressive pasts behind to find their place in the world. They seek refuge aboard a ship where gender is fluid, where the dynamic is uneasy, and where rumours flow of a bold new reproductive strategy. 

When the promise of a miraculous hope for humanity's future tears Flora's makeshift family asunder, she must choose: protect the safe haven she's built or risk everything to defy oppression, whatever its provenance.