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Beneath the Mother Tree D. M. Cameron

Beneath the Mother Tree
D. M. Cameron

Paperback | Aug 2018 | MidnightSun Publishing | 9781925227390 | 400pp | 233x154mm | Forthcoming | GEN | AUD$32.99, NZD$39.99

A spine-chilling mystery and contemporary love story, Beneath the Mother Tree plays out in a unique and wild Australian setting, interweaving Indigenous history and Irish mythology.

On a small island, something dark has disturbed the peace. Grappa believes it’s the Far Darocha, a mythical creature whose mournful music lures you down to a black abyss. Ayla, his granddaughter, has other ideas, especially once she meets the mysterious flute player she heard on the beach.

Riley and his mother Marlise move to the island to escape their grief. But when the community is beset by a series of strange deaths, Marlise and her mosquito obsession quickly garner the ire of the locals. Can Riley and Ayla uncover the mystery at the heart of the island’s darkness before it’s too late?

Beneath the Mother Tree is a compelling portrait of how our dark history and dreaming landscape can make extraordinary things of ordinary lives. Wrought with sensuousness and lyricism, D.M. Cameron’s debut novel is a thrilling journey, rhythmically fierce and eagerly awaited.