April 2017 Academic & Specialist Edinburgh University Press

Virginia Woolf: Ambivalent Activist Clara Jones

Paperback | Apr 2017 | Edinburgh University Press | 9781474423168 | 234x156mm | No longer our publication | RFB
Hardback | Dec 2015 | Edinburgh University Press | 272pp | 234x156mm | No longer our publication | RFB

Clara Jones re-reads Woolf’s fiction and non-fiction in light of her examination of the details of Woolf’s involvement with Morley College, the People’s Suffrage Federation, the Women’s Co-operative Guild and the National Federation of Women’s Institutes. Virginia Woolf: Ambivalent Activist demonstrates the degree to which Woolf was sensitive to the internal politics and conflicts of the bodies she was associated with and the ways in which she interrogated her ambivalent attitudes towards her activism throughout her literary career.