October 2019 Academic & Specialist Sourcebooks

Teaching Empathy: Strategies for Building Emotional Intelligence in Today's Students Suzanna E. Henshon

As classrooms become more diverse, it is increasingly important that students learn how to empathise with others who may come from different backgrounds. Teaching Empathy guides teachers as they seek to create and maintain classrooms in which students are sensitive to the needs of others.

Using relevant research and ideas for classroom activities, each chapter shows teachers how to create an environment of empathy and understanding for 21st-century students. Topics discussed include cognitive, emotional, and somatic empathy; emotional intelligence; working with students from a variety of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds; and the long-term global impact of cultivating empathy in students.

With its focus on creating positive change in students and classrooms, Teaching Empathy is the perfect resource to nurture perceptive, caring, diverse, and globally minded students.