May 2018 Academic & Specialist University of Minnesota Press

Playing with Feelings: Video Games and Affect Aubrey Anable

Hardback | May 2018 | University of Minnesota Press | 9781517900243 | 200pp | 215x139mm | RFB | AUD$180.00, NZD$205.00
Paperback (Trade paperback US) | May 2018 | University of Minnesota Press | 9781517900250 | 200pp | 215x139mm | RFB | AUD$37.99, NZD$47.99

Aubrey Anable applies affect theory to game studies, arguing that video games let us "rehearse" feelings, states, and emotions that give new tones and textures to our everyday lives and interactions with digital devices. Rather than seeing video games as an escape from reality, Anable demonstrates how they have been intimately tied to our emotional landscape since digital computers emerged.