May 2017 Academic & Specialist Biteback Publishing

True Colours: The Story of the First Openly Transgender Officer in the British Armed Forces Caroline Paige

Hardback | May 2017 | Biteback Publishing | 9781785901324 | 384pp | 241x161mm | Out of stock | RFB | AUD$37.99, NZD$44.99

In 1999, Caroline Paige became the first officer to transition gender within the military, and to remain in service. She rose against the extraordinary challenges placed before her to become a highly respected aviator and to be the first openly serving transgender woman on the front-line in the war on terror, flying battlefield helicopters for sixteen years and serving in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is a unique and inspirational memoir that reveals the triumphs and tribulations that shaped Paige's life, from her birth and childhood struggles with gender identity through to her 35-year military career.