July 2017 Academic & Specialist Oberon

Big Guns Nina Segal

Big Guns
Nina Segal

Paperback | Jun 2017 | Oberon | 9781786821669 | 88pp | 210x130mm | Stocked item (check) | RFB | AUD$23.99, NZD$27.99

At this point, 

at this exact moment, 

a man enters the stage. 

A man enters the stage and 

the man has a gun. 

Big Guns is the prickling at the back of your neck, the faint taste of blood on your teeth, the could-be sounds of a strange figure in the semi-darkness. The YouTube clip you hope doesn’t load but can’t help watching. 

Big Guns is violence. Against others. Against ourselves. It’s paranoia. It’s a society living in fear. It’s the moment just – before.