February 2020 Fiction & Entertainment Romance

Survival Instincts

Whiteout Adriana Anders

Survival Instincts

Adriana Anders

Paperback | Jan 2020 | Casablanca | 9781492698708 | 448pp | 175x106mm | GEN | AUD$14.99, NZD$18.99

With a storm coming and a madman on the loose, every next step could be their last...

Angel Smith is ready to leave Antarctica for a second chance at life. But on what was meant to be her final day, the research station is attacked. Hunted and scared, she and glaciologist Ford Cooper barely make it out with their lives...only to realise that in a place this remote, there’s nowhere left to run.

Isolated in the middle of a long, frozen winter with a madman at their heels, they must fight to survive in the most inhospitable — and beautiful — place on earth. As their pursuers close in and their new partnership burns bright and hot, they will stop at nothing to make it out of the cold alive.

'Scorching hot and beautifully emotional.' — Lori Foster, New York Times Bestselling Author