February 2018 Non-Fiction Berkeley Books

Vietnamese Flash Cards: Learn 1,000 Basic Vietnamese Words and Phrases Quickly and Easily Bac Hoai Tran

Mixed media product | Feb 2018 | Tuttle Publishing | 9780804847988 | 200pp | 140x197mm | Stocked item | GEN | AUD$24.99

Everything you need to learn 1,000 basic Vietnamese words and phrases quickly and easily is in this box!

  • 200 hole-punched flash cards feature the most commonly-used words and related phrases
  • A free CD-ROM with native-speaker audio recordings of over 1,000 Vietnamese words and sentences
  • A sample sentence in the Vietnamese language showing how each main word is used in context
  • A 32-page study guide with pronunciation, study tips and indexes for the cards

The front side of each flash card presents a main word with four related words and phrases. The back of the card gives the English meanings and pronunciations for all items on the front as well as a sample sentence demonstrating correct usage of the main vocabulary item in both Vietnamese and English.