April 2018 Non-Fiction Global Publishing Services

At the Source of Being: Teachings on the Arising of the Awakened State Eckhart Tolle

CD-Audio | Apr 2018 | Eckhart Tolle | 9781988649009 | 171x178mm | Out of stock | GEN | AUD$99.99, NZD$119.99

Recorded on retreat in Australia, At the Source of Being presents five teaching sessions with Eckhart Tolle to help us “realise the deeper purpose of humanity” — to live in the world anchored in the awareness of our essential nature.

Exploring a range of topics including awakening from “the dream of reality”, dealing with the pain-body, transcending the psychological need for time, and much more, this in-depth program brings you more than seven hours of Eckhart’s one-of-a-kind guidance.