Yurlmun: Mokare Mia Boodja
edited by Gaye Sculthorpe, Maria Nugent

Paperback | Jun 2017 | Western Australian Museum | 9781925040296 | 64pp | 260x210mm | Stocked item (a few) | RFB | AUD$19.95, NZD$24.99

Yurlmun: Mokare Mia Boodja, which means ‘Returning to Mokare’s Home Country’ explores early encounters between Menang people and the British colonists and features the stories behind 14 rare, significant objects that originated from the Menang Noongar people, the traditional inhabitants of the Albany area in Western Australia. These objects were aquired and have been carefully stored within the British Museum’s collections since the 1830s. Every object is a product of multiple and overlapping histories and for the first time, they were returned together to Menang Country.