World's Best Tattoo Models - Volume 8
Akos Banfalvi

Paperback | Apr 2015 | Wilkinson Publishing | 9781922178947 | 92pp | 320x240mm | No longer our publication | GEN

Beauty comes in many forms, and at least three of those are represented here. First, there are the beautiful women - some of the most beautiful women in the world. Next, there's the beauty of an art form - the art of the tattoo. The tattoos seen here represent some of the best tattoo art done to date. Finally, there's the beauty of another art form entirely - the beautiful photography.

Combine all the lovely models and their remarkable tattoos into a book with oversized pages filled with incredible photos - and a certain synergy emerges. The power of the images makes it all too easy to turn from one page to another, before going back for a second and third look. Two plus two does equal five when images of Amelia Dinmore, Monica Renee and Katie Omand - taken by artists like Keith Selle, Greg Truelove and Justice Howard - flow through the book, interrupted only by complimentary biographies and interviews.