Wakfu: Shak Shaka
Kahel, by (artist) Mig

Hardback | Dec 2019 | Titan Comics | 9781782767572 | 112pp | 279x203mm | Forthcoming | GEN | AUD$29.99, NZD$34.99

Ages 8 to 12 years 

The Brotherhood of Tofu in battle with the nefarious Shak Shaka and his outrageous inventions! 

The Brotherhood of Tofu, on their way to the mysterious Island of Oma, come across the bizarre and treacherous Shakapark, the creation of the evil and romantically inclined Shak Shaka, who feels drawn to the beautiful Princess Amalia… 

The Animated Series is a French animated television series produced by Ankama Animation, based on the video game, Wakfu. The first season of 26 episodes began airing on 30 October 2008, and new episodes continue to air. The series is being translated into English via “Kickstarter”