Ultimate Paper Airplanes for Kids: The Best Guide to Paper Airplanes
Andrew Dewar

Paperback | Oct 2015 | Tuttle Publishing | 9784805313633 | 160pp | 279x216mm | Stocked item (a few) | GEN | AUD$19.99

In this brand new book, paper airplane expert Andrew Dewar presents his ultimate collection of easy-to-fold, high-performance planes for kids who are fascinated by paper airplanes. These planes are brightly colored and designed to fly beautifully each and every time.

The book opens with a fascinating primer to the principles of flight so kids can learn about the forces that enable a plane to fly and affect the performance of their planes. They’ll have fun coaxing the planes through their paces: doing loops, barrel rolls, glides and dives. The sky is the limit once they understand how planes interact with the atmosphere!

The 48 perforated tear-out airplanes in this book are great to share with friends and siblings and can be folded up easily in seconds. Detailed instructions are included for each plane, and folding lines are printed right on the sheets for perfect folding every time. The book includes a pull-out airport runway that kids can use to park their planes and practice their precision landing maneuvers from across the room.

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