Stories Of The Chinese Zodiac

The Water Dragon: A Chinese Legend - Retold in English and Chinese (Stories of the Chinese Zodiac), Bilingual edition,Hardcover with Jacket
Jian Li

Hardback (B501) | Apr 2012 | Better Link Press | 9781602209787 | 42pp | 228x234mm | GEN | AUD$21.99

The legend of the Water Dragon begins with a little boy named Ah Bao, who lived in a small village in China very long ago. One day, while collecting wood in the forest, Ah Bao finds a shiny red stone. The discovery of this magical stone sets off a series of unusual events, and sends Ah Bao on the adventure of his life to search for the Water Dragon. When Ah Bao finally finds the Water Dragon, something unexpected happens that forever changes the little boy. The book's wonderful artwork really shows the nature of Ah Bao's journey to find the Water Dragon. From high mountain cliffs to the vast ocean, the illustrations allow the reader to travel right alongside Ah Bao and fully share in his experience.