The Lives of the Natural World

The Lives of Sharks: A Natural History of Shark Life
Daniel C. Abel, R. Dean Grubbs

Hardback (B315) | Jan 2024 | Princeton University Press | 9780691244310 | 288pp | 241x191mm | GEN | AUD$59.99, NZD$69.99

A richly illustrated and comprehensive introduction to the world’s sharks.

Sharks are the top predators in many marine ecosystems. But tales of the killer instincts and fearsomely sharp senses of these hunters can obscure their full life histories. In fact, sharks are characterful, exhibit surprisingly complex behaviours, and lead secretive lives full of interest in every type of marine habitat. The Lives of Sharks is a fascinating and beautifully illustrated guide to these iconic marine creatures from two world-renowned experts. This book explores shark physiology, anatomy, behaviour, ecology, and evolution, as well as conservation and the impact of human activity on shark populations. With stunning photographs and illustrations, as well as profiles of selected species, this is a comprehensive, authoritative, and inviting introduction to global shark life today.