The Dark Heart: A True Story of Greed, Murder, and an Unlikely Investigator
Joakim Palmkvist

Hardback | Nov 2018 | Amazon Crossing | 9781503904804 | GEN | AUD$44.99, NZD$54.99


A chilling true crime story of poisonous family secrets, love gone wrong, and a cold case that refused to stay buried...

In late summer of 2012, millionaire landowner Goeran Lundblad went missing from his farm in Sweden. When a search yielded nothing, and all physical evidence had seemingly disappeared, authorities had little to go on-except a disturbing phone call five weeks later from Goeran's daughter Maria. She was sure that her sister, Sara, was somehow involved. At the heart of the alleged crime: Sara's greed, her father's land holdings, and his bitter feud with Sara's idler boyfriend.

With no body, there was no crime-and the case went as cold and dark as the forests of southern Sweden. But not for Therese Tang. For two years, this case was her obsession.

A hard-working ex-model, mother of three, and Missing People investigator, Therese was willing to put her own safety at risk in order to uncover the truth. What she found was a nest of depraved secrets, lies, and betrayal. All she had to do now, in her relentless and dangerous pursuit of justice, was prove that it led to murder.