The Sun
Leon Golub, Jay M. Pasachoff

Hardback | Jun 2017 | REAKTION BOOKS | 9781780237572 | 224pp | 220x171mm | Stocked item (a few) | GEN | AUD$62.99, NZD$79.99

Essential for life on earth and a major influence on our environment, the Sun is also the most fascinating object in the daytime sky. Every day we feel the effect of its coming and going – literally the difference between day and night. But figuring out what the Sun is, what it’s made of, why it glows so brightly, how old it is, how long it will last – all of these take thought and observation.

Leon Golub and Jay M. Pasachoff offer an engaging and informative account of what scientists know about the Sun, and the history of these discoveries. Solar astronomers have studied the Sun over the centuries both for its intrinsic interest and in order to use it as a laboratory to reveal the secrets of other stars.