Southern Surveyor: Stories from onboard Australia's Ocean Research Vessel
Michael Veitch

Paperback | Oct 2015 | CSIRO Publishing | 9781486302642 | 272pp | 234x153mm | Stocked item (a few) | GEN | AUD$35.00, NZD$42.99

This engaging book tells the stories of the men and women who worked onboard CSIRO’s research vessel – the Southern Surveyor. For ten years (2003-2013) this magnificent ship sailed over 190 voyages across the seas and oceans around Australia and contributed a wealth of knowledge to marine science.

From the captain to the support staff, scientists and students, this book tells the stories of adventure and discovery onboard this great ship.

Some of the stories you'll discover: 

Pre-dawn fireworks from an undersea volcano

Meet First Mate Boysey who had to sew a crew member’s cut-off finger back on at sea

The swirling vortex that forms off the Western Australian coast

Learn about how the WWII shipwreck of the MV Limerick was located

The ‘undiscovery’ of a Pacific Island