Small Indiscretions: Stories of Travel in Asia
Felicity Castagna

Paperback | Aug 2011 | Transit Lounge | 9780980846249 | 240pp | GEN | AUD$29.95, NZD$34.99

A traveller becomes a Monroe impersonator in the casinos of Macau. An obsessive son of Australians living in Jakarta confronts his strange rituals. A young woman is trapped in the boredom of her father's ministry in exotic Borneo. A daughter defies her mother and travels to Bali. Castagna's twenty stories range across countries including Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and China, deftly exploring the relationships of parents and children, lovers and enemies, the transient and the resident. In the spirit of the best travel literature, Castagna's fiction powerfully captures the landscapes and cultures of Asia and the intriguing interactions of Westerners with it.