Quadrant Book

Seizing Jerusalem: The Architectures of Unilateral Unification
Alona Nitzan-Shiftan

Hardback | Aug 2017 | University of Minnesota Press | 376pp | 254x203mm | Forthcoming | RFB | AUD$239.99, NZD$287.99
Paperback | Aug 2017 | University of Minnesota Press | 9780816694280 | 376pp | 254x203mm | Out of stock | RFB | AUD$59.99, NZD$72.99

This first architectural history of post-1967 Jerusalem chronicles how architecture, landscape design, urban planning, and everyone from municipal politicians to state bureaucrats, Israeli-born architects to international luminaries, competed to create Jerusalem’s new image. Alona Nitzan-Shiftan reveals architecture as an active agent in forming urban and national identity, demonstrating how debates about Zionism affected Jerusalem’s built environment in ways that resonate today.