Rational Choice and Political Power
Keith Dowding

Paperback | Jul 2019 | Bristol University Press | 9781529206333 | 224pp | 234x156mm | RFB | AUD$47.99, NZD$57.99

The author extensively engages with a body of new literature to elucidate and expand upon the original work, using rational choice theory to provide:

  • An examination of how, due to the collective action problem, groups can be powerless despite not facing any resistance
  • Timely engagement with feminist accounts of power
  • Criticism of the concept of soft power in contemporary international relations
  • An explanation of the ways that systemic luck enables some groups to exert influence without having to use their power
This book’s unique interaction with both classical and contemporary debates makes it an essential resource for anyone teaching or studying power in the disciplines of sociology, philosophy, politics or international relations.