Pål Vigeland: When Metal Becomes Nature
Gunnar Danboldt, Jorunn Veiteberg

Hardback | Oct 2019 | Arnoldsche | 9783897905528 | 224pp | 315x230mm | RFB | AUD$87.99, NZD$110.99

Alongside stringency of form and precision of execution, Vigeland develops surprising variability in his handling of the material. From his beginnings in noble metals, which he used in his jewellery, his path led to an inten­sified and meanwhile almost exclusive use of base  metals: the artist reworks drinks cans and tins for storing fish or biscuits into sophisticated small plates, which he combines piece by piece into amorphous, part­ly geometric objects. In this, according to author Gunnar Danbolt, Vigeland resembles an alchemist transforming off­beat objects into art. In his sculptures a play of  light and shade, of voids and layers thus develops that appears to defy any physical law.