Mahabharata In Polyester
Hamish McDonald

Paperback | Sep 2010 | NewSouth | 9781742231587 | 432pp | 234x153mm | POD | GEN | AUD$39.99, NZD$47.99
Digital (EPUB) | Sep 2010 | NewSouth | Stocked item | GEN

This is the riveting story of one of the wealthiest families in the world. Dhirubhai Ambani was a rags-to-riches Indian tycoon whose company Reliance, which emerged from the textile industry, is now one of India’s major corporations. His sons Anil and Mukesh took over after his death in 2002 and their respective arms of the company are bigger than the parent ever was. The brothers are now worth $43 billion and $42 billion respectively, largely from petrochemicals, telecommunications, and entertainment. To say that the sibling tycoons are not close is an understatement; their feud—personal and business—is an extraordinary story itself. But as this book shows, the Ambani saga tells a bigger story about modern India, not only as an economic powerhouse but about the complicated links between government and big business.