Invasion of the Overworld: Book One in the Gameknight999 Series: An Unofficial Minecrafter's Adventure
Mark Cheverton

Paperback (Trade paperback US) | Nov 2014 | Sky Pony Press | 9781632207111 | 208pp | 210x140mm | Stocked item (plenty) | GEN | AUD$12.99, NZD$16.99

Gameknight999 loved Minecraft. He reveled in building structures, playing on servers, creating custom maps, and more. But above all else, he loved to grief—to intentionally ruin the gaming experience for other users. As the self-proclaimed “King of the Griefers,” Gameknight played the game for himself at the expense of everyone else, keeping the list of his friends in the game short. 

This action-packed homage to the worldwide computer game phenomenon is a runaway publishing smash and the perfect companion for Minecraft fans of all ages.