Hometown Hamburg: Artisans and the Political Struggle for Social Order in the Weimar Republic
Frank Domurad

Hardback | Sep 2019 | Anthem Press | 9781783089314 | 384pp | 229x153mm | RFB | AUD$184.99, NZD$219.99

An exploration of the problem of social order in modern German urban history. Hometown Hamburg explores the role of institutionalised historical continuity in the collapse of urban democracy in the Weimar Republic.

'The publication of this book satisfies a lifetime of research and hard work. Frank Domurad began the research in 1970 when I was a young professor in Cambridge and two chapters were written. He then had a career in public service and resumed research and writing. The final text is a masterly study of an aspect of German history that needed a new treatment. It is a brilliant study.' — Jonathan Steinberg, Walter H. Annenberg Professor of Modern European History (Emeritus) University of Pennsylvania, USA, and Emeritus Fellow, Trinity Hall, Cambridge, UK

'By examining the beliefs, traditions and actions of Hamburg’s artisans, Frank Domurad uses a local study to address major questions about the political culture of the Weimar Republic. The result is a well-researched, theoretically informed book that offers new insights into the collapse of Germany’s first democracy.' — Richard Bessel, Professor Emeritus of Twentieth Century History, Department of History, University of York, UK

'Frank Domurad provides a brilliant theoretical and empirical examination of artisans seeking to maintain an accepted place in the German social community. 'Hometown Hamburg' is important both as a history leading to an understanding of the onset of Nazism and for its relevance in comprehending our contemporary political situation.' — Mark Gould, Professor of Sociology, Haverford College, USA