Faeries of the Faultlines: Expanded, Edited Edition
Iris Compiet, foreword by Brian Froud, Alan Lee

Hardback (B401) | Nov 2021 | Eye of Newt Books | 9781777081720 | 176pp | 261x203mm | GEN | AUD$79.99, NZD$84.99

'Iris Compiet is the rarest of artist: That who invokes a complete and cohesive reality with every image she creates. Beautiful, powerful and contemplative all at once.' — Guillermo Del Toro

Let me tell you about Faeries, let me take you away on a journey, an adventure.

The Faultlines is an ancient name given to those places where the veil between this world and the Other is thinnest. It is the place where faeries dwell, creatures creep, and magic oozes through the cracks. Recently the Faultlines have been stirring, opening up to all who wish to see, and to all who dare to venture...

Faeries of the Faultlines was an instant Kickstarter success in 2017, and this edited, expanded edition includes the complete original documentation from the greenmen to mermaids, with expanded sections and many more faeries to meet!

'Iris Compiet’s work is an astonishing and masterful revelation of the Faery Realms. She is an artist who, with stunning alacrity, reveals the fleeting personalities of the normally unseen.' — Brian Froud

'Iris summons and draws upon the forces that are necessary in giving life to such creatures—imagination, an intelligent curiosity, and a relentless energy. The Faeries are lucky to have her!' — Alan Lee

'I have known Iris for many years. I have watched her find her voice. I am enchanted by her vision.' — John Howe