Chemistry in the Marketplace
Ben Selinger, Russell Barrow

Paperback | 6th Revised edition | Jun 2017 | CSIRO Publishing | 9781486303328 | 544pp | 245x170mm | Stocked item (plenty) | GEN | AUD$69.95, NZD$84.99

Chemicals are everywhere. Many are natural and safe, others synthetic and dangerous. Or is it the other way around? Walking through the supermarket, you might ask yourself: Should I be eating organic food? Is that anti-wrinkle cream a gimmick? Is it worth buying BPA-free plastics?

This Sixth Edition of Chemistry in the Marketplace provides fresh explanations, fascinating facts and funny anecdotes about the serious science in the products we buy and the resources we use. With chapters on the chemistry found in different parts of our home, in the backyard and in the world around us, Ben Selinger and Russell Barrow explain how things work, where marketing can be deceptive and what risks you should really be concerned about — this book might even save you some money!