Ann Quin

Paperback | Aug 2019 | And Other Stories | 9781911508540 | 168pp | 198x130mm | Forthcoming | GEN | AUD$22.99, NZD$27.99

'A man called Berg, who changed his name to Greb, came to a seaside town intending to kill his father...' 

So begins Ann Quin’s first novel, a debut 'so staggeringly superior to most you'll never forget it — The Guardian.' 

Alistair Berg, hair restorer, shares a mistress with his father. He will, he decides, eliminate his rival. After mutilating a ventriloquist’s dummy, he finds himself accidentally seduced by the man he needs to kill. Mordant, heady, dark, Berg is Quin’s masterpiece, a classic of post-war avant-garde British writing. 

'A mixture of the surreal, the whimsical and the macabre[...]Berg is funny and profound, and intensely of its time' — Ian Patterson, London Review of Books