Answers to Questions You've Never Asked: Explaining the What If in Science, Geography and the Absurd
Joseph Pisenti

Paperback | Jan 2018 | Mango Media | 9781633536692 | 200pp | 178x178mm | Stocked item (plenty) | GEN | AUD$29.99, NZD$34.99

Looking for trivia books filled with fun facts and trivia questions and answers? Answers to Questions You've Never Asked will entertain you for hours. When you take the most absurd parts of history, science, economics, and geography, you end up with a pretty confusing picture of humanity.

Why do we have borders, what’s the furthest you can get from the ocean, how do you qualify as a country, and why did Vikings wear those silly helmets? These are just a few of the strange questions that bounce around the head of YouTube sensation Joseph Pisenti, aka RealLifeLore. In his debut book, Pisenti builds on the nonsensical humour of the universe with in-depth analysis of empires, economies, and ecosystems, as he helps answer the ridiculous. Using line drawings, graphs, and charts, Pisenti not only details the absurd, he also provides explanations on why things are… and why they aren’t.