An Orphanage of Dreams: Stories
Sam Savage

Paperback | Apr 2019 | Coffee House Press | 9781566895309 | 160pp | 197x117mm | GEN | AUD$24.99, NZD$29.99

An Orphanage of Dreams is a collection of stripped down visitations-flash fictions of smoke breaks and long drives and friends who finally stop showing up. The acidic tang of disappointment is here, and sparks of biting insight, in portraits of people and animals, in all our absurdity and failed attempts at meaning. As Sam Savage says, 'what a life'.

Praise for Sam Savage:

'Savage's is a book of the heart as much as the head. Which is itself an accomplishment of no small note: to recognize the arbitrary, degraded thing that is memory, and allow it its loveliness for all of that.' — New York Times Book Review

'A Southern childhood in duskier, Tennessee Williams times, offering an aphoristic scattering of memories — one- and two-sentence stand-alones that spill isolated down the page like little gems...showing us how memory works and how we make sense of our lives, drip by drip and sensation by sensation.' — Library Journal

'With paragraphs as rich as koans, this is as powerful a meditation on living life — and facing its end — as you are likely to read anytime soon.' — Booklist