Evil Things

Katja Ivar

Lapland, Finland, 1952. It’s the height of the Cold War and Finland is a snow-smothered powder keg. Sharing a long border with the Soviet Union the country is engaged in a high-wire act of protecting its independence from its sometimes ...

Bitter Lemon Press
9781912242092, Paperback, AUD$17.99

Black Camp 21

Bill Jones
9781846974601, Paperback, AUD$19.99

The Woman Who Fed The Dogs

Kristien Hemmerechts, translated by Paul Vincent
World Editions
9781642860078, Paperback (Trade paperback US), AUD$24.99

Hear Our Defeats

Laurent Gaudé, translated by Alison Anderson
Europa Editions
9781609455002, Paperback (Trade paperback US)

Sacred Darkness

Levan Berdzenishvili, translated by Brian James Baer
Europa Editions
9781609454920, Paperback (Trade paperback US)

We Are Family

Fabio Bartolomei, translated by Antony Shugaar
Europa Editions
9781609455033, Paperback (Trade paperback US)